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In Short

I believe that stories shape reality. And that reality needs re-shaping. 

So I have spent the last 15 years - be it as a foreign correspondent or a marketing executive - obsessing over how to craft narratives that  pierce through the veil of apathy and move people into action. 



Born in Barcelona and raised by a reporter and an artist, I am storyteller by nature and a journalist by training. After years of working in Europe, Africa and the Middle East as foreign correspondent, I decided to forgo neutrality and put my comms skills in service of the planet. So I co-founded Ona - a communication agency focused exclusively on ocean conservation. I soon noticed the urgent need for a wider, more innovative approach to environmental communication so I created Change Studio - a hybrid think tank and creative studio, dedicated to advancing the climate conversation. 


I hold a double degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Florence, with an exchange year in SciencePo, Paris. I also completed an MA in international journalism at City University, London, and I am trained in Systems Thinking (Graduate Diploma by Cornell University) and certified as an educator of Disruptive Design, a methodology developed by UNEP Champion of the Earth Leyla Arcangelou. I am professionally fluent in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.


I have been a journalist for most of my career - producing documentaries and articles about human rights, migration and climate change. I have reported in over 20 countries and was a foreign correspondent in East Africa for 4 years. My work lives in the New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Guardian and NPR, among others. Before funding my two companies, I was also a freelance strategy consultant for a wide variety of clients ranging for media companies to non-profits.




Want to grow your impact but don't know where to begin? Are you constantly shifting communication strategies and struggling to produce results? I've got you. My method combines over a decade of comms experience with the latest social science insights to design media strategies that work. That's to say: get people to take action.

Training + Speaking

I am an experienced public speaker and have given keynotes and presentations in a wide variety of settings from international journalism conferences to high school and MA students. I also offer bespoke trainings - both in person and online - on a variety of subjects including:

  • Climate communication

  • Digital storytelling 
  • Systems Thinking 

  • Ocean Literacy 


Got a difficult-to-tell story? Those are my favorite. Having worked as investigative journalist and a science communicator, I am adept and disentangling complex issues and translating technical topics for the general public. I am always open to editorial opportunities including reportage, essay and documentary production.

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